Booth Design: CES/DMEXCO

Chelsea Stewart / Kamil Nawratil / Pa Her / Isobel Shestopal / Javier Cruz
Strategy / Art Direction
Tools used
SketchUp / Touch Designer / After Effects / Premiere
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Physical design has always been a dream. Designing experiences seen by the entire ad industry made that dream come true.

Around fall 2017, Samba decided to go heavy on CES to kickstart 2018. The executive team wanted to plant a flag on the TV data industry and tasked us to design a booth that would send a clear message: Samba’s TV data is the most advanced in the industry.

After a long search, we found perfect partners in VOLVOX Studios in Brooklyn to help us execute our vision. For the first time in the company’s history, the booth was going to be completely interactive. Instead of salespeople talking about capabilities, clients would experience it live by “touching” the data, moving triggers, and seeing results change.

The experience was a resounding success, and Samba’s most successful CES at the time; thousands of people came and enjoyed the experience, by far Samba’s best performance at CES.

Fresh off a successful CES, Samba sought to replicate its success in Europe, a market where its products were at the time brand new and not well-understood.

Competitors often hid behind complex terminology and buzzwords: we chose to go the opposite way and show and tell literally.

There were two parts that we wanted to showcase. On one hand, the real-time nature of our data in European countries, for which we dedicated an entire screen showcasing live visualization of our TV data in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, with live maps and rankings.

On the other hand, for the launch of our sync product, we showcased Sync in action: in front of a giant screen displaying various ads, we mounted phones and tablets displaying corresponding ads in real-time. Seeing the mobile ads and TV ads working together made the offering as tangible as possible and helped Samba kickstart its business in Europe.

In 2019. Samba secured a strategic space in the halls of CES that would push our visibility to the max. This was the chance for us to go big.

With our longtime partners at VOLVOX Studios, we went as big as we could: we built the brightest, biggest LED screen we could within the constraints of the hall and used it to highlight facts, data, and core solutions of Samba TV.

For the wall, we created a video mosaic of more than 10,000 ads whose goal was to overwhelm the eyes of the passerby: we witnessed people stop dead in their tracks to check out was was going on.

Once we hooked the traffic audience in our space with the wall, secondary screens allowed the audience to interact with our dataset and get intrigued about our capabilities.

The experience allowed us to generate a substantial amount of leads. The experience more than paid for itself: the direct revenue generated was multiples above budget.

Booth Design: CES/DMEXCO
Jules always made us feel bigger, cooler and greater. I worked with him on everything: executive presentations for Fortune 500 companies and some of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry, industry summits, CES; every single time, Jules and his team always knocked it out of the park, always ready for 11th-hour curveballs and working tirelessly to help us land deals. Every company would be lucky to have him.
McAdory Lipscomb III
Vice-president, Publishers, Samba TV